Our Mission

To create an emotionally safe place for women to acquire personal power and maximize their brilliance by creating awareness about choices, boundaries and Self-Love.

Our goal is to bring expanded Awareness and Choice Consciousness to as many women as possible; to find greater ways of helping women to love themselves more fully while cultivating stronger relationships locally and globally.


Is Coaching For You?

Life is about choices. We consistently make decisions without fully realizing the impact those decisions will have on our personal and professional relationships. You may have grown accustomed to multi-tasking and making hasty decisions on impulse or by habit. Did you know that your choices are aligned with your beliefs?

Client Testimonials

“Who would not want to have the best out of life?  I have learned through life coaching that life is about making positive choices that will benefit you for years to come.  I have learned to love myself through making positive choices.  I had never heard of life coaching until one of my friends referred me to this program.  I’m glad I decided to take a different approach which brought about different results.  Thanks Melanie for being fully invested in my success.”

R. Moore, North Carolina

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