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Radical Love is an insightful guide that invites you to go on a personal journey of self-discovery. It's jam packed with discovery exercises that allow you to identify what ignites the fire within as well as exposes the energy leaks that robs you of your joy. It is designed so that you embrace your ability and right to define what freedom and love means to you. 

This insightful guide will help you:
·To move from stress and overwhelm to unimaginable peace and joy
·To Find the courage to negotiate life on your own terms
·To Effortlessly Stand in your Personal Power
· To live an Unapologetic, Unstoppable and Unbreakable life 

Here's what readers are saying
Monica Brown Moss, Life Purpose Health Coach
"In her delightfully warm and deeply engaging new Radic Love- Your Path to Freedom and Bliss, Melanie Foote Davis provides a blueprint for discovering a life of transformative love and powerful acceptance"

Renee Robillard

"Radical Love is incredibly useful, applicable, and accessible to the reader.  The insight provided is user-friendly.  By that I mean, you can start applying it daily in small and big ways; you can apply it in any variety of situations, relationships, circumstances, mindsets specific to your life; and can you start to feel shifts almost immediately.   I appreciated some of the metaphors that really illustrated the author’s message.  For example, in summary, we don’t wait for our team to score a touchdown to start cheering, so why wouldn’t we treat our own incremental successes the same way.  This and others really made a lot of sense to me in real-life ways.  Additionally, the bullet points at the end of each chapter are wonderful summaries.  I foresee myself referring to those for quick reminders or to use as a sort of checklist for reflection on my day, week, etc.
Radical Love pushes the reader to reframe and challenge ingrained thought processes and daily habits that can be, and often are, unknowingly holding us back.  It is very much about creating an awareness.  Awareness of our thoughts, our behaviors, ourselves and how we can leverage those things to live the best life.  While reading Radical Love, I found that I would catch myself in negative thought or other toxic behavior, particularly in the workplace, which in the past would not necessarily have been cause for pause, but the awareness created would at the very least make me think “is this useful? beneficial? productive?” or simply “why am I thinking this way?”.   
The author is relatable.  As you read, it is clear that this is a journey the author has made herself, and continues to make, and therefore can speak from a very authentic place.  She does not write from a place of perfection, but of progress, which makes her message more accessible to the reader.  It is clear from the real-life examples she provides that she has employed her own techniques and messages to live an “abundant” life and she genuinely wants to share that experience with her readers."

The thought-provoking exercises will lead you to a renewed sense of clarity that awakens your spirit to love and dream in full color. 

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